Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it Friday yet???

So, I was sitting here looking thru my emails and noticed Eli looked like he was eating something. I checked his mouth and low and behold...a ladybug wing. Well, a piece of one. Gross...Of course he got mad at me for poking my finger in his mouth, but he's over it now.

Here's my triangle shawl which I may end up making still bigger to be a triangle throw thingy for the couch. Kinda like a triangle lapghan maybe. I am just using whatever color yarn I happen to pick up so it's very colorful. (Thats Landon's hand in the corner..He was saying "Oh Wow Cool!")

I haven't been to CVS since the Monday after Christmas. And I am dying to go and get some Cheeze-its and SoyJoy bars and other stuff too. I don't think my extrabucks expire until the end of the month anyway. Need to figure out me a scenario for when I go...

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