Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just a few things I have been working on...

I have lots more than what I have pictured here. I just havent taken a picture of everything yet. Or, well..I'm being lazy and these were the things that were close by:

This is a back scrubber for the shower. It was originally supposed to be a scarf but the yarn I was using is really bulky and it was ending up a lot wider than I wanted. So, I just stopped and added two ch40 handles on each end to hold it with.

Washcloth using FPdc:
My first knit project. A scarf...eventually. lol.
Here are a few pictures I found on my camera from Christmas presents I made.
The red was mine, Orange was mother-in-law's, Curly scarf was for sis-in-law, and the pink one was for my step-daughter. There were WAY more that I made and just never got a chance to take a picture of. I wish I had though...b/c I made my mom a gorgeous cerulean blue and white one!!

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Yarnjeannie said...

You've been busy - nice work!