Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Madness....

My grandmother & my uncle just came by around 11:30. They brought Landon some diapers and bananas. I got a Birmingham newspaper (MORE COUPONS!!!). There were a few other things as well. They stayed about an hour before they had to leave for her next dr. appointment at 2.
I managed to get Landon to say a few things for them to hear. Like please, thank you, sorry, etc. They thought it was cute, so that's all that mattered. Eli had gotten woke up when they rang the doorbell, so he was a crabby baby for a while.
Now, I wanted to post about this weekend:

Saturday night I went with my friend Megan to a "Slumber Party". Now, this isnt your typical slumber party. It is one for adult (over 18) females only! See where I'm going here? Well, they did a drawing and I got $28 worth of "goodies" for me and Michael! WooHoo! I am supposed to go to another this weekend. But, we'll have to see if Michael lets me. Haha, it's a win win situation. I get away from the screaming kids for a while and he gets, um, well...stuff to "play" with. LOL....
The website is I believe. Over 18 ONLY!!!!

Sunday, we went to Shoney's after church. We were ordering our drinks and Landon said "Tea Please" !!!! I was so happy! And when the lady brought it, he said "thank you"!!! Go Landon! He's getting so big!!!
Oh, and last night before bed, Landon wanted to use the potty. Ok, that's good. Well, no he wanted to use the BIG potty.So, I held him so he didnt fall in. He pee'd a total of three times last night! WooHoo! In the BIG potty!!! Now, we have to get one of those rings for it so that he doesn't fall in. lol. There's one at Wal-Mart that looks like a football! Yay! Can't wait to get it!
I am going to post my hopeful scenarios for CVS and WAGS (Walgreens) once I get them figured out. I only have a few dollars, maybe $5 to use.. So, I've gotta stretch it goooood this week!

Check back later!

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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

hi Gizmos mommy! it is nice that the sticky little bean is learning manners. that is very important for all beans and so many grown ups forget to say please and thank you. good for him!!

mommy has been to something similar to "Slumber Party" she laffed and had a great time. the lady even donates part of her money to the local animal shelter!