Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barilla HouseParty

Here is the Barilla Pasta website:


Here is the link to my HouseParty page: (You can also click on the two items above)http://houseparty.com/party/81725

Here's what HouseParty.com has to say about this party:

"Welcome to the Barilla Piccolini House Party!

Buon viaggio!

Get ready to experience Italy from the comfort of your home.

Invite your guests to indulge in Barilla Piccolini and become part of the Barilla’s “global neighborhood.”
Now that you’re part of the Barilla Piccolini House Party, you get to spread the word by inviting your friends to your exclusive party on Saturday, October 11th."

"Now that you’re a Barilla Piccolini Party host, you might be wondering “How does this all work?”
Party Day—On October 11th, gather your favorite dinner guests for a night of incomparable Italian food, fun and ambience.
Party Package—You’ll get your FREE party package a few days before your party.
Party Now—Your party may be weeks away, but the fun starts now on your party website. Send invites; post comments; upload photos & videos.
It’s time to “Go Italian!”

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