Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Trip Last Weekend.. why I haven't posted in a bit. Getting ready for the trip, then coming home and being worn out and dealing with kids who's schedules were thrown off for 3 whole days.

I didn't manage to go by a CVS while in Tennessee b/c of everything else going on. It sucks b/c there was somethingI wanted to get that isn't sold here in Alabama. *wink, wink*

We went up for hubby's work. It was a weekend of them playing things like softball, volleyball, darts, walk/run, basketball, etc. They play other TVA plants around here. I think they got 2nd place in volleyball, and didn't place in softball. They only played 3 games. Lost, Won, Lost. Normally they don't do that bad at softball, but a lot of the guys are older-ish and have knee/ankle problems. Heck, even my hubby has knee/ankle problems too, so I don't guess it's the age thing. lol.

Me, the boys, and my mom & friend all went shopping and I got lots of Tennessee Vols, shirts, pants, and more.

Saturday night was the party. The theme this year was Mardi Gras. So, things were decorated with purple, green, and gold. There were beads all over the tables and we brought a bunch of them home too. Landon was being a typical 2 yr old. Running and screaming b/c he was so tired from not taking a nap, but what's new.

Eli was a pretty good baby. 'Nuf said.

We came back Sunday afternoon and have yet to really unpack everything and it's now Thursday. haha. We are just to worn out still...

I did however, go by CVS twice since I last posted, so I will post those receipts in a bit.

OH, and last week I got my first ever e-mail from CVS for $4 off of a $20 purchase! WooHoo!!!

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