Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eli's almost crawling!

So, since last Saturday, Eli has been getting up on all fours and trying to crawl. He will get up and then lean forward...
rinse, and repeat...
until he get's to whatever he's got his eye on. It is too cute!

Landon, well, he's just Landon. The boy who doesnt want to eat anything half the time. But, the dr's say it's normal.

CVS'ing is going good. I went on Monday. I have to go back today because I got a nail polish and it didnt give me my ECB's, I got home and realized I picked up the wrong one! poo!

Also, Eli has his 6 month checkup today at 2:15pm. It was actually supposed to be last Tuesday, but I totally had no idea! Oh well. He should be getting some shots, but I am not going to have to pay them an extra $100+ just to do it there. (Cost about $12 just for the checkup) So, I am going to go by the Health Department and get them.. The cost...about $10!!!! It's sad how dr's offices charge an arm and leg. They charge for the vaccine itself, and for the girls to give it...and that's worth $100+,, NO! $10 sounds better to me!!!

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