Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Coupon Book

Here's a few pix I just took of my coupon book. It isn't great and I am already needing something bigger. Well I don't want anything bigger, per se, just maybe fatter/thicker. Click on the pictures to biggify them...

Outside: Front

In the front I have my CVS and Wags slots for ECB's, cvs cards, and RR's for Wags.

These are the tabs I have my coupons sorted under. (Drinks/Toothpaste/Shampoo&Cond/Tampons/Air Freshener are the ones shown)

In the back are my receipts for CVS and Wags..and maybe the occasional Wal-Mart receipt.

So, how do you organize your coupons???

1 comment:

Beeb said...

Very cute organizer! I have one similar to that, which I keep in my purse, and then I have all my inserts filed and pull them to clip coupons as needed. The non-inserts are just kind of in a big tupperware's a mess, but I just haven't had time to sort them!!!